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The Cucinelli Theatre stands at the centre of the Forum of the Arts, an area that welcomes also an amphitheater, a garden called Gymnasium and the Aurelian Neohumanistic Academy.
The design of the theatre is inspired by the canons of Renaissance models, such as the Farnese theatres in Parma and Sabbioneta. Classical echoes of an artform can be found both in the exteriors and in the scenic structure: at the entrance, the pronaos in a curved shape is supported by Ionic columns and it leads into a foyer that is also supported by pillars, where visitors are welcome by the pictures of the artists that have performed here. Divided between the sequence of the Stage and Gallery, the noble interior is adorned in soft hues and severe lines of the rough oak trusses.

More than 200 seats are divided between the arena and the spacious terraces of the cavea, while the stage is 12 metres wide and 8 metres deep, with a proscenium of 7 metres. The roof trusses are exposed, and a graduated system of soundproof materials ensures the best acoustics. The system of hatches throughout almost the entire surface and the stage machinery allow for great flexibility and adaptability to different stage requirements.


The Cucinelli Theatre is a project created by the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation, established with the purpose of spreading and translating into practice the ideals that have fed the humanistic goal of Solomeo. The purpose of its agenda is to support any initiative enhancing knowledge, protecting the land and its monuments, highlighting the value of tradition, promoting spiritual and daily values of mankind.

By recognizing the value of the links between a person’s birthplace, life and activities, the Foundation intends to act directly to strengthen human values, i.e. human relationships and the various activities which are part of our society.
We support any methods which translate this desire into action, welcoming and promoting them enthusiastically. Thanks to our experience, we have developed a conviction that all human activities are forms of culture which deserve to be recognized.

From its beginnings, the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation intends to act humbly and coherently, in the hope that over the course of time we can become a worthy actor in the advancement of Umbrian and Italian culture at global level, and diligently further our national traditions.


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