The Midnight Prince

by Alessandro Serra

Good evening! Are you ready to listen to the story of the Midnight prince? You’ll have to be very brave, because while this is a mysterious, entertaining, and funny story, it’s also a bit scary.

Compagnia Teatropersona

by Alessandro Serra
Andrea Castellano, Massimiliano Donato, Silvia Valsesia
Director, Set Design, Lighting Alessandro Serra
Shadow Creation Chiara Carlorosi

for 5 year-olds and up, maximum 80 spectators per show

Once upon a time there is a prince – I say “there is” because the poor chap hasn’t died yet – so, once upon a time there is a prince named Midnight, who was born at midnight and is hopelessly in love with the dark and the stars. Because you can’t see the stars without the dark, right? Everyone thinks that the night harbors and hides ghosts, wolves, and witches, and that daylight makes the world lovely and peaceful. Yet dreams come to life at night. And even the most beautiful dreams can turn into nightmares, which is exactly what happens to our poor prince. A carousel of funny and grotesque characters will take us into the world of this delicate and romantic fairy tale, which is told with an unusually dark, mysterious, and poetic style.

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