Paradiso XXXIII

Saturday, 19 November
9:00 PM

Sunday, 20 November
5:30 PM

at Teatro Cucinelli, Solomeo
by and with
Elio Germano and Teho Teardo

dramatic composition Elio Germano

musical dramaturgy Teho Teardo

with Laura Bisceglia (cello) and

Ambra Chiara Michelangeli (viola)

direction Simone Ferrari & Lulu Helbaek

lighting design Pasquale Mari

video artists Sergio Pappalettera and

Marino Capitanio

scene design Matteo Oioli

commissioned by Ravenna Festival

production Pierfrancesco Pisani

for Infinito Produzioni & Argot Produzioni

in collaboration with the Tuscany Theatre

Foundation, Teatro Franco Parenti,

Ferrara’s Claudio Abbado Theatre

Foundation and Rimini’s Teatro Amintore Galli

with the contribution of the Region of Tuscany

An accessible performance, but without explaining anything. In Canto XXXIII of Paradiso, Dante Alighieri finds himself in the predicament of the mortal seeking to describe the infinite, the ineffable, to tell the untellable. The representation of this hesitance towards the wondrous is certain to be a unique, almost visceral experience for spectators in the presence of the infinite. Elio Germano and Teho Teardo lend voice and music to beauty and mystery, to the infinite, ineffable sought after by Dante in the verses of Paradiso, Canto XXXIII. Out of this captivating, eternal sound germinates the unpredictable, unheard music of this innovative composer and inspires the visionary, impalpable direction of Simone Ferrari and Lulu Helbaek, poets of sight and sound skilled at navigating both theatre and spectacle. Out of their cross-media experience, something wondrous comes, a contamination of theatrical technique and technology.

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