Larinda e Vanesio

Johann Adolf Hasse (1699-1783)

LARINDA AND VANESIO (1726) or the Artisan gentleman

Francesca Bruni, Larinda (soprano)
Leonardo Galeazzi, Vanesio (bass)
Gabriella Franchini, the mother
Giovanni Tintori, mime
Scenography – Cristina Ducci
Costumes – Daniele Gelsi
Choreography – Deborah Filippucci
Weapons Master – Andrea Tortora
Seamstress – Valeria Balsini
Wigs – Paglialunga srl
Director – Graziano Sirci

Hermans Academy (with original instruments)
Fabio Ciofini, harpsichord and direction
a production of the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation – SOLOMEO (PG)

LIVE REGISTRATION of 16 February 2020 for the 10th Musical Season of the Cucinelli Theater


Today’s proposal takes us into the fruitful musical panorama of early 18th century Naples, a time when Johann Adolf Hasse, a German composer by birth, Italian by sensitivity, played a leading role. His affirmation is also linked to lucky eight interludes (1726-1730), a catalog opened by Larinda and Vanesio or the artisan gentleman, a small bourgeois comedy in a nutshell that exploits effective topoi of comic theater: Larinda, a modest girl origins, aims to marry the elderly and wealthy Vanesio, and through a wise game of disguises and some female cunning, the girl finally manages to achieve her goal.
The intermission is divided into three parts and is performed without interval, for a duration of around 65 minutes
Here the performance of last February 16 for the X Musical Season of the Cucinelli Theater:

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© 2023 Fondazione Brunello e Federica Cucinelli