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After a successful reception in Barcelona and at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, Isabella Rossellini is here at the Cucinelli Theatre to present a highly original, one-woman show that takes its inspiration from the animal kingdom.

The Midnight Prince

Good evening! Are you ready to listen to the story of the Midnight prince? You’ll have to be very brave, because while this is a mysterious, entertaining, and funny story, it’s also a bit scary.

Maria Callas Master Class

Remembering the divine Callas forty years after her death: in this “Master Class”, Terrence McNally retraces the great soprano’s life, art, rise, and gradual detachment from the world.

The War of the Roses

An extraordinary comedy, refined and chaotic, comic and cruel, ridiculous and mad; written in 1981, eight years later it became a blockbuster hit directed by Danny De Vito.


“Love exists if there is no deceit, therefore LOVE does not exist. Our attempt – states Latella – has been to work on the absence of and search for love, by borrowing the greatness of Torquato Tasso’s verse”

The Prisoner

“It’s not necessary to put characters on stage – explains Peter Brook in an interview with the Corriere della Sera –, at the heart of my theatre there has to be a story to tell, that is transmitted directly to the spectator’s imagination. Doing theatre is like talking to children, it’s about creating empathy between the narrator and the listener. And with this particular story, I’d like to transmit the theme of redemption to the audience”

The Music Critic

eatro Cucinelli presents an event not to be missed featuring John Malkovich, one of the most distinguished and sophisticated artists on the world scene with no fewer than twenty-five awards and twenty-six nominations.

The Japanese Garden

This performance portrays the beauty of Japanese gardens in a tale told through images and dance. Japanese gardens are worlds in miniature, and their origins are found in a story: Shiro, a brave young boy, is the first to leave his small mountain village and reach the sea, the ocean… He can go no further.

Ten stories just like that

Dieci storie proprio così is an integral part of “Il Palcoscenico della legalità”
(A Stage for Legality), a project promoted by Libera (an anti-mafia association), Fondazione Pol.i.s. (the Pol.i.s. Foundation), The “Giovanni e Francesca Falcone” Foundation, Centro Studi Paolo Borsellino (The Paolo Borsellino Research Facility), The University of Milan – Sociology of Organized Crime Course, Coordinamento campano dei familiari delle vittime innocenti della criminalità (Campania Organization for the Relatives of Innocent Crime Victims), Fondazione Silvia Ruotolo (the Silvia Ruotolo Foundation), and It’s sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Justice and the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.


Domenico Starnone gives us a touching and deeply intense story, a masterful tale of an escape, a return, and all our failures: those that seem to be insurmountable, and those that keep us company throughout our lives.