The Colour of the Sun

The diary of Caravaggio, a perfect fake straight from the pen of Andrea Camilleri, is reinterpreted by composer Lucio Gregoretti in a very modern score which, however, patently maintains the models of tradition.

The Vivaldi Affair

From oblivion to a most amazing rebirth, is already the subject of the fine book authored by Sardelli – one of the greatest experts of Vivaldi who happens to possess a rare eclecticism – and here it is expressed in this rich anthology.

Sestetto Stradivari

he formation of the string sextet (two violins, two violas, and two cellos, or three pairs of the same instruments, or also a double trio of different instruments) proved to be an excellent support for Brahms during his tormented career.

I love and vengeance

The Florentine Luigi Cherubini was one of Beethoven’s most well-loved composers. Having achieved global fame as an opera composer, Cherubini was a central figure in the Parisian scene. He also made his own contributions to the genre of quartet music; resting on the grand tradition of Viennese classic music, he experimented with a lighter version that was deft and frivolous, adopting the “concertante” model.

Reinhard Transcription

For centuries the practice of transcribing has ensured a more widespread diffusion of great works, while also offering a variety of sounds (chamber and sometimes even “domestic” music) to music which wasn’t performed every day.

I solisti di Pavia

On offer is a rich and diverse musical journey through music written for strings.There’s quite a bit of difference between the three pieces for solo cello: there’s one of Rossini’s most inspired pieces, Péchés de vieillesse; then Grand Tango, which Piazzolla composed in 1982 for Rostropovic; and then Twin Legends, composed by Roberto Molinelli in 2004 and commissioned by the musicians themselves.

Flyaway… le mie storie Piano & Cello

Sono tratte dal suo ultimo lavoro, l’album FLYAWAY (Sony Music), le musiche di questo concerto in cui Piero Salvatori -artista Yamaha- suona sia il violoncello che il pianoforte.

Christmas Carol

Mercoledì 27 dicembre presso il Teatro Cucinelli – alle ore 21 tornano gli attesissimi canti di Natale, primo degli appuntamenti musicali della Fondazione Brunello e Federica Cucinelli voluti per la stagione 2017/2018.


On the program are works by Mozart and the lesser known Kraus. True peers, they were both born in 1756 and died just one year apart from one another.