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Of Mutated Forms in New Bodies

Friday 5 April, 9.00 pm

A special tribute to our esteemed friends from San Patrignano, who return to Solomeo with a new creation inspired by Ovid’s poem. “We have traced the path of a metamorphosis that is tiring yet necessary, painful yet liberating, while touching on other, less ‘divine’ metamorphoses than Ovid’s, ones which are closer to us and our human experiences: the ordeals of Mr. Samsa and those of poor Batà are mixed together in ways that are also cheerful and light, like the stories of a sappy Never-Never Land. Yet this lightness, from a Calvinist standpoint and humbly speaking, does not represent shallowness. This is why that surrealist “son of man”, with his bowler hat and apple, takes on a meaning which is not a sense. Or better yet, it’s a sense that’s intended as a sixth sense, which is not necessarily a meaning. We finally plead for mercy to the exegetes and the authors themselves, for perhaps having altered their works, as we gaze at them from the misery of our exile which is, at the same time, a fear of navigating. However, as the Latin poet says: “The man who has experienced shipwreck shudders even at a calm sea”. Pascal La Delfa

Compagnia San Patrignano

Metamorphoses from Ovid, Apuleius, Ariosto, Shakespeare, Kafka, Collodi, Pirandello
A Performance for Choir and Soloists
Alessandro, Angelika, Ariel, Damiano, Giulia, Edoardo, Ekaterina, Elio, Eric, Marco, Marco C., Matteo, Mattia, Michele, Paride, Silvia, Simone, Valentina, Valentino
Director and Dramaturgy Pascal La Delfa
Team Coach Valentina Capone
Live Music Vito de Carlo
Stage Set and Costumes  Company Members, with support from the decorations and weaving sectors of the San Patrignano community

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