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Link Link Circus

Saturday 2 March, 9.00 pm and Sunday 3 March, 5.00 pm
Teatro Cucinelli

After a successful reception in Barcelona and at the Baryshnikov Arts Center in New York, Isabella Rossellini is here at the Cucinelli Theatre to present a highly original, one-woman show that takes its inspiration from the animal kingdom. An icon of style and beauty whose own career has echoed those of her parents, Isabella takes on the role of an uninhibited and dramatic performer in her first solo performance: a show-conference on non-humans and their intelligence. “Link Link Circus – explains the artist – features my comical short films, amateur videos, photos, and of course my drawings. On stage with me will be Pan, my small trained dog who will be dressed up as and interpret various species. I myself will interpret Aristotle, Descartes, a medieval theologian, the Harvard professor F.S. Skinner, and Charles Darwin; they will all discuss what the essence of human beings actually is, and what distinguishes us from beasts”.
“It has been a privilege to watch the actress of films by Taviani and Lynch display her talent and irresistible charm, as well as her scientific know-how”.
Jacinto Antón, El Pais

An Isabella Rossellini production, in co-production with Teatre Akadèmia

By Isabella Rossellini

With Isabella Rossellini
Schuyler Beeman
(puppeteer/animal trainer), Darcy (Pan)
Co-Director Guido Torlonia
Set Design Rick Gilbert and Andy Byers
Lighting Alberto Rodriguez
Music and Original Costumes Andy Byers
Stage Props Gina Freedman
Ringleader Costume by Fanny Karst
Animal Director Bill Berloni
Animation Andy Smetanka and Courtney Pure
Film and Audio Clips Stacey Foster

The Italian National Premiere

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