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Maria Callas Master Class

Saturday 16 February, 9.00 pm
Teatro Cucinelli

Remembering the divine Callas forty years after her death: in this “Master Class”, Terrence McNally retraces the great soprano’s life, art, rise, and gradual detachment from the world. Mascia Musy is the protagonist – an intense and refined actress who is able to express the charisma and complex personality of an artist with a thousand facets, including the bitterness she felt as her unique career came to an end. In the show, Callas remembers being a public and private legend and doesn’t spare any cutting remarks; as she recalls her rise to the temple of La Scala, the “divine” starts to recite her characters once again, at times challenging herself with the recordings of that time that continue to remain in the audience’s memory. And she takes us onto another path – the torturous impasse of her love relationships with the men in her life, a paternalistic Meneghini and a vulgar and ruthless Onassis – giving us a good look at her intimate life, with Opera as the inevitable destination.

Società per Attori in collaboration with the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia, Musica per Roma Fondazione

by Terrence McNally
Translation Rossella Falk
Mascia Musy
and with Sarah Biacchi (soprano), Chiara Maione (soprano), Andrea Pecci (tenor), Diego Moccia (pianist)
Director Stefania Bonfadelli

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