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the Vivaldi affair

Sunday November 4th, 6.00 pm

L’affare Vivaldi (the Vivaldi affair), from oblivion to a most amazing rebirth, is already the subject of the fine book authored by Sardelli – one of the greatest experts of Vivaldi who happens to possess a rare eclecticism – and here it is expressed in this rich anthology. There’s an alternation of lesser- and well-known Sonatas and Concertos, leading to the famous Sonata «La Follia» (Madness) RV 63 (a spectacular cycle of twenty variations on this very popular theme, which concludes the Op. 1, Vivaldi’s 1705 debut collection), and the second concerto from La Stravaganza (The Extravagance) (1713), one of the clearest expressions of how the Vivaldi model can be innovative and independent from tradition.

Modo Antiquo

Federico Maria Sardelli, conductor

Music of Vivaldi

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