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The War of the Roses

Tuesday 27 November, 9.00 pm

An extraordinary comedy, refined and chaotic, comic and cruel, ridiculous and mad; written in 1981, eight years later it became a blockbuster hit directed by Danny De Vito and starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner. The story describes the slow and terrible separation between the Rose couple. He’s a rich and ambitious businessman, and she’s the obedient wife who has stood lovingly and respectfully by his side during his brilliant rise to success. This atmosphere of sincere passion is suddenly broken, shattering against the hard truth that she hasn’t made a career for herself. She completely rewrites and reinterprets their entire life spent together, and is strengthened and spurred on by this realization she has come to. She pounces on her husband with a ferocity that’s worthy of a great heroine, and her viciousness, anger, and their reciprocal atrocities surge to the inevitable extreme consequences.

Valerio Santoro for La Pirandelliana in co-production with Goldenart Production srl

by Warren Adler
Translation A. Brancati and E. Luttmann
Ambra Angiolini, Matteo Cremon
and with Massimo Cagnina, Emanuela Guaiana
Director Filippo Dini
Set Design Laura Benzi
Costume Design Alessandro Lai
Lighting Pasquale Mari
Music Arturo Annecchino

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