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Saturday 10 November, 9.00 pm

“Love exists if there is no deceit, therefore LOVE does not exist. Our attempt – states Latella – has been to work on the absence of and search for love, by borrowing the greatness of Torquato Tasso’s verse”. With Aminta, a bucolic drama which tells the story of the shepherd Aminta and his love for the nymph Silvia, Tasso participated in an important transformation of the theatrical space and the collective imagination of his time. It has had extraordinary success in Italy and abroad (60 editions over 70 years, with translations in French, Spanish, and English) and has been reflected in other artistic expressions like music and the figurative arts. Confronting the precision of verse thus became a creative stimulus, with music as the engine, in a search in which what’s central is not Love as discovery, but rather how love manifests in each human being.

in collaboration with Amat and the cities of Macerata and Esanatoglia as part of “Marcheinvita. Lo spettacolo dal vivo per la rinascita dal sisma”, a project by Mibact and the Marche Region, coordinated by Consorzio Marche

by Torquato Tasso
Director Antonio Latella
Michelangelo Dalisi, Emanuele Turetta, Matilde Vigna, Giuliana Bianca Vigogna
Playwright Linda Dalisi
Set Design Giuseppe Stellato
Costume Design Graziella Pepe
Music and Sound Franco Visioli
Lighting Simone de Angelis
Movement Director Francesco Manetti
Assistant Director Francesca Giolivo

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