Minuit et des Poussières Cenerentola – il coraggio dell a virtù

choreographer Hélène Blackburn

The Canadians Cas Public were guests at Teatro Cucinelli during its 2015 season with their performance Gold, which is based on Bach’s music.


choreographer Hélène Blackburn
dancers Alexander Ellison, Robert Guy, Cai Glover, Danny Morissette, Daphné Laurendeau, Claudia Colonna
dance teacher Francine Liboiron
music Martin Tétreault
lights / scenery Émilie Boyer-Beaulieu, Helene Blackburn
costumes Michael Slack
video Camille Blackburn

The Canadians Cas Public were guests at Teatro Cucinelli during its 2015 season with their performance Gold, which is based on Bach’s music. This year they will fulfill their promise made to Brunello Cucinelli, and return to Solomeo with a worldwide debut performance which was conceived specifically for this theatre. Initially, choreographer Hélène Blackburn had been thinking about a project based on Paganini, but later her interest shifted to a performance focused on Cinderella. The choreographer depicts the figure of Cinderella as a positive symbol for our times, due to her capacity for resiliency which comes from the quality of her heart. These are difficult times to be living in, especially for children, who see images of violence every day – whether wars, natural disasters, or the human trials faced by migrants. It’s a moment that requires courage, and developing positive reactions to these difficulties is crucial. The choreographer translates this idea through the expression of postive gestures, and the Cinderella fairy tale becomes an excellent metaphor for talking about the courage behind goodness. This performance is geared for both an adult and young audience. The company consists of six dancers, and Martin Thétrault’s musical contributions elaborate on Rossini and Prokofiev’s classical music. The company will remain in Solomeo for one week to complete the production.

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