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Vivaldi Riciclato

Sunday 24 January h. 9pm

Production of the Brunello and Federica Cucinelli Foundation

Accademia Hermans
Fabio Ceccarelli, Flute
Rossella Croce, Solo Violin
Yayoi Masuda – Marco Piantoni, Violins
Sebastiano Airoldi, Viola
Alessandra Montani, Cello
Alberto Lo Gatto, Double-Bass
Gabriele Palomba, Theorbo

Fabio Ciofini, Harpsichord And Conductor

An entertaining programme in which the work of Vivaldi is imitated, transcribed and “auto-recycled” according to a practice that has insured for centuries that his works enjoy an unrivalled presence in the most diverse repertoires.
In the Baroque period, the practice of transcription (betray, transform, but also hand down) significantly shortened time intervals and often assumed quite specific characteristics, also to meet the needs of a vibrant speculation and publishing market.
Two spurious concerts, two author transcriptions (Graupner and Bach) and, finally, two borrowings from previous works by the same “Red Priest” will be performed.

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